Kanchanaburi Thailand Travel Informations The Bridge on the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

River Kwai Bridge Kanchanaburi Thailand

River Kwai Bridge Kanchanaburi Thailand

Kanchanaburi, in Myanmar border, is home to the famous Bridge River Kwai. During WW II, Japan constructed the meter-gauge railway line from Ban Pong, Thailand to Thanbyuzayat, Burma. The line passing through the scenic Three Pagodas Pass runs for 250 miles. This is now known as the Death Railway.

The railway line was meant to transport cargo daily to India, to back up their planned attack on India. The construction was done using POWs and Asian slave laborers in unfavorable conditions. The work started in October 1942 was completed in a year. Due to the difficult terrain, thousands of laborers lost their lives. It is believed that one life was lost for each sleeper laid in the track.

War Cemetery Kanchanaburi Thailand

War Cemetery Kanchanaburi Thailand

At the nearby Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, around 7,000 POWs, who sacrificed their lives in the railway construction, are buried. Another 2,000 are laid to rest at the Chungkai Cemetery.

Allied Forces bombed the iron bridge in 1944. Three sections of Bridge River Kwai were destroyed. The present bridge has two of its central spans rebuilt. The original parts of the bridge are now displayed in the War Museum.

The Bridge River Kwai became famous all over the world, when it was featured in movies and books. The cliff-hugging tracks and the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys are well captured in the David Lean movie.

Bridge River Kwai is a tourist destination now. The track is developed into a walkway with side platforms. This allows crossing the railway bridge on foot. These platforms are useful as viewpoints and for avoiding trains. A small tourist train runs back and forth across the bridge.

Every year, River Kwai Bridge Festival is organized to mark the Allied bombing on November 28, 1944. Spectacular light and sound show is the highlight of the festival.

How to go to Kanchanaburi, Thailand

The Bridge on the River Kwai Kanchanaburi Thailand

The Bridge on the River Kwai Kanchanaburi Thailand

Kanchanaburi Town is located 128kms to the west of Bangkok. Regular buses ply the route from Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok. Both air condition and non air condition buses are available throughout the day for the three hour journey. Train services from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi starts from Bangkok Noi Railway Station. Those with own vehicles may use the newly constructed expressway from Pinklao. The updated timings for buses and trains are available at Tourism Authority of Thailand offices.

Special trains run from Bangkok for tourists during weekends. On Saturdays and Sundays, the train leaves Bangkok at 6.30am. It stops at Bridge River Kwai for 10 minutes. Tourists can use this time to sightsee and take photographs. The train further passes through the old POW camps. This train journey allows tourists to see the famous Bridge River Kwai and the historical places as well as enjoy the bewitching beauty of the rugged mountainous region.
If you are planning to stay in Kanchanaburi and visit nearby places, hiring a tricycle is the ideal choice. Motorcycles and jeeps are also available for hire at rental shops located at Saeng Chuto Road and Song Kwai Road. However, make enquiries regarding the rates and conditions at Tourism Authority of Thailand office in Kanchanaburi, to avoid being duped

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bridge on the river kwai map Kanchanaburi Thailand

Bridge on the river kwai map Kanchanaburi Thailand

Hotels & Resorts in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Hotel Name Location Start Rate Breakfast Booking
Legacy River Kwai Resort Dan Makham Tia 41 USD Include Booking
River Kwai Botanic Garden Kwai Noi 35 USD Include Booking
Pung-Waan Kwai Yai Resort Kwai Yai 46 USD Include Booking
Royal Riverkwai Resort & Spa Kwai Yai 46 USD Include Booking
Comsaed River Kwai Resort & Spa Kwai Yai 56 USD Include Booking
Xen Hideaway Resort Latya – Si Sawat 47 USD Include Booking
River Kwai Hotel Muang 32 USD Include Booking
Noblenight Guesthouse Muang, Thamakham 29 USD Include Booking
Duenshine Resort Muang, Thamakham 41 USD Include Booking
Felix River Kwai Muang, Thamakham 59 USD Include Booking
Saiyok River House Saiyoke 21 USD Include Booking
Baan Tor Mai Dang Resort Saiyoke 28 USD Exclude Booking
River Kwai Jungle Rafts Saiyoke 32 USD Include Booking
River Kwai Village Hotel Saiyoke 32 USD Include Booking
River Kwai Resotel Saiyoke 35 USD Include Booking
Saiyok Country Resort & Spa Saiyoke 37 USD Include Booking
Pung-Waan Kwai Noi Resort Saiyoke 38 USD Include Booking
Buri Tara Resort & Spa Saiyoke 41 USD Include Booking
Momchailai Forest Retreat Saiyoke 41 USD Include Booking
Boutique Raft Resort Saiyoke 47 USD Include Booking
Hin Tok River Camp @ Hell Fire Pass Saiyoke 68 USD Include Booking
Kao Nam Na Boutique Resort Saiyoke 85 USD Include Booking
Raya Buri Resort Tha Krandan – Si Sawat 69 USD Include Booking
Phatad Valley Hotel Thongpaphum 35 USD Include Booking