Along Eastern Seaboard on the Gulf of Siam Chanthaburi

| March 15, 2016

From here, follow Highway No.3 into Chanthaburi Province. The tour can be taken on 2 routes, “Forest Tour” and “Sea Tour”.
For the first route, use Highway No.3 which leads through 3 major forests, Phliu Waterfall National Park, by turning left at kilometer 301, and continue for 2 kilometers to the legendary splendid waterfall with a monument to Queen Sunandha of the Fifth Reign, then continue to Khao Khitchakut National Park by turning left at kilometer 324 into Highway 3249 up to kilometer 19 and turn right along the rural road (Krathing-Ban Ko) for about 1 kilometer to the three-way intersection and take a turn along the dam embankment into the park office, to see Krathing Waterfall, a large waterfall in deep jungle, and next to Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary by turning left onto Highway 317 towards Sa Kaeo Province, and turn left at kilometer 22 mark, to the reserve office 3 kilometer inside. An overnight stay can be arranged. as well as a trek to the top of Soi Dao mountain, the highest top in the eastern part of the country, or opt for a visit to Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Breeding Center, on Highway 317 at kilometer 395 mark, with numerous rare wild animals to be observed.

As for the second route, take the right turn from Highway No.3 at kilometer 301, about 30 kilometers before reaching Chanthaburi, into a side-road No.3399 and continue for about 15 kilometers. Take another right turn at the intersection to several sites, such as Khung Wiman Beach, Khung Kraben Beach, Sadet Point, Yang Bay, Krathing Bay, and Pak Nam Khaem Nu, to end at Laem Sing and Pak Nam Laem Sing.
Traveling on Highway 3147, 6 kilometers to the west before reaching Chanthaburi one finds Noen Wong Fort, a historic site from early Bangkok Period, with the Maritime National Museum displaying the history of the royal Thai Navy, and tens of thousands of finds from the Gulf of Thailand.
Chanthaburi is known as the “City of Gems”, and cut and uncut gems are on offer in shops lining Sichan Road in the city. The Shrine of King Taksin the Great and the Shrine to the City Pillar of Chanthaburi are on the Highway as you travel eastwards to Trat Province

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