An Easy Ride at Leisure from Lopburi to Saraburi

| March 15, 2016

The route takes you through diverse attractions cultural and natural sites. The comfortable and pleasant road is lined with famous food sources, all in easy reach. At the start of the trip, one finds the Three Pagodas, the unmistakable symbol of Lop Buri, a monument in ancient Khmer style, built in the 12th century. In the same area is Phra Kan (Gala) Shrine, previously a Hindu shrine in ruins. A new shrine was built on the remaining structure in 1951. It is well shaded with large and spreading perennial trees inhabited by monkeys, giving the place the name of the monkey town.
As an ancient city, Lop Buri is full of archeological and historical sites, including old temples such as Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat, Wat Tong Pu, and Wat Kawisararam, fascinating old historical buildings as Wichayen Mansion and Wat Sanpato, the first planetarium of the country built in the reign of King Narai the Great of Ayutthaya, and the Narai Ratchaniwet Palace, dubbed as Versailles of Lop Buri. The site is just a shadow of its glorious past, with only the extensive structure remaining. Visitors can inspect the area and imagine the elaborate royal palace of Thai and Western art forms, as Chandrabisan Throne Hall, with the balcony where King Narai granted audiences to dignitaries. the Phi man Mongkut Group of Royal Halls, and Sutthasawan Royal Hall, King Narai’s residential quarters. Moreover, there is the King Narai National Museum with displays of artifacts related to the long history of Lop Buri. Also, in the town area are Lop Buri Zoo, the home of the famous Orang Utang household of Mike and Tsutsu, Ban Tha Krayang, a well-known source of bronze ware, and Ban Hin Song Kon, just outside the city, known for white clay used as talc and markers.

From Lop Buri, use Highway 3196 and head for Ban Mi District, the site of hand-woven textile, available at Ban Kluai Community Center and Pracha Suksan Support Center. In the neighborhood is Wat Khao Wongkot, with a huger reclining Buddha in a cave. At sunset, hundreds of thousands of bats in the cave fly out en masse, starting at about 6.00 p.m. From Ban Mi District, turn back to Lop Buri and use Highway No.1 towards Saraburi. The first destination is Phra Phutthabat District, with the hilltop shrine of the Lord Buddha’s Footprint.
as the country’s foremost site of pilgrimage. The shrine and its surroundings feature top artistic skills through the ages. A major festival is scheduled in February and March each year for people to pay homage to the shrine. The site also serves as the venue of the Floral Offering tradition at the start of the 3-month Buddhist Lent. Not far from Phra Phutthabat District, one comes across Na Phra Lan Market, with marble items on offer. Lying next to the left before reaching Phu Khae Intersection is the Central Plains Botanical Garden(Phu Khae), the first botanical garden in the country.
At Phu Khae Intersection, turn left on Highway 21 towards Lop Buri, and turn right at the crossing with Highway 3017, passing Phatthana Nikhom District and head for Pasak Jolasid Dam, the earth-filled dam with the longest dike ledge in the country, a popular picnic site with a pleasant view of the reservoir. Trolley service is also available for touring around the dam.
The area is also known as the Sunflower Field Route, with sunflower plantations lining both sides from Phatthana Nikhom to the crossing with Highway 23 and over along Phatthana Nikhom-Chai Badan Highway, touted as the most beautiful road in the country. The golden sunflowers are in bloom in the cool season. The best time to observe the natural wonder is from 6.00 to 1 0.00 a.m. in the morning. However, the blooming time at various localities diller. The best location is at the Provincial Agricultural Office, near Sap lek Reservoir, with the largest planting area of over 320 acres, and rolling limestone hills as the backdrop.
From the Sunflower Field Route, use Highway 21 to Chai Badan District, for a relaxation at Wang Kan Lueang Waterfall. Thereafter, turn back to Saraburi Province via Highway 2089, passing Tha Luang District and cross into Saraburi at Wang Muang District, with Pa Lan Hin Tat and Kwang Maduea Waterfalls as the attractions. From Wang Muang District, a narrow road winds through minor slopes, with a major attraction is known as Umong Ton Mai – Arboretum Tunnel, the stretch of road under the canopy formed by lining Australian wattle trees on both sides. Further on is Chet Sao Noi Waterfall, a major waterfall in 7 tiers, long known as the favorite relaxation site. The route leads to Muak lek District, with Muak Lek Waterfall, a small and charming waterfall in beautiful surroundings.

Muak lek District is also known for delicacies, especially steak, beef, pork, fish, and ostrich. Recommended are Khru To Shop and Muak Lek Steak House. Stalls are found selling top items that make up the slogan of the District as Soft Meat, Good Milk, and Famous Curry Puff. The area is full of ranches and dairy farms, especially the Thai-Danish Dairy Farm of the Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand. With sufficient time to spare, drive straight to Pak Chong District, to visit Chokchai Farm, with cowboy activities and luxurious tent accommodation.
From Muak Lek, follow Highway No.2 to Kaeng Khoi District. Attractions include Tham Phra That Charoen Tham, a cave temple at some further distance from the District and the Pasak River Rafting Route, through river bends and riverside caves. Kayaks can be hired within Kaeng Khoi District or at Suphalai Pasak Resort. From Kaeng Khoi, turn back to Highway No.2 towards Saraburi, and turn left into Highway No.1 heading for Bangkok. Passing Adisorn Military Camp, a turn to the left takes to Highway 3042 on which Wat Phra Phuttha Chai is located The shrine is on a hill, with 70- step stairway leading up to the shadow of the Buddha, as an impression of a stone cliff, about 5 meters in height.
Further, on Highway 3042 is Phra Phuttha Chai National Park, with Sam Lan Waterfall as the highlight. Several other waterfalls in the area include Khao Daeng, Hin Oat, and Ton Rak Sai Waterfalls. A nature study trail within the park is perfect for bird-watchers and naturalists, in general, It is the pristine forest area so close to Bangkok, just over an hour away down the Highway.

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