Driving Around Phuket the Pearl of the Andaman

| March 3, 2016

Getting into Phuket, cross the Sarasin Bridge, with Thep Kasatri Bridge running parallel to it on the left. About 1 kilometer further, on the left is Tha Chat Chai Nature Study Center, a part of Sirinat Nationa! Park. Those keen on mangrove forest should stop and take a walk along the 600-meter nature study trail, equipped with information boards at intervals. From here, travel southwards on the old route 402 which runs into the new Highway 402, passing Ban Suan Maphrao on the left and turn right into a rural road, Ban Suan Maphrao·Mai Khao, up to Somkid Farm at the three-way intersection. Take the right turn into Mai Khao Beach, the longest beach in Phuket. The beach is not meant for swimmers, due to the steep elevation. In the past, it was a favored egg-laying site of sea tortoises.
Driving further about 3 kilometers, you turn onto Highway 402 on the right. Turn right at the intersection into Highway 4026, the route to Phuket International Airport. The stretch is well-shaded with rubber plantations on both sides. Passing the airport, the road runs along the coastline to the right. The first spot to visit is Nai Yang Beach, lined with pine trees and other coastal plants. From Nai Yang Beach, continue on the beachfront road and turn right at Ban Sakhu School. The route leads across a hill to Nai Thon Beach, a peaceful beach straddled by a lofty cliff, a perfect site for swimmers.

Next, continue southwards, you will find Highway 4030, running past Bang Thao Beach, where luxurious hotels are located. The area is a former tin mine. The waves are found to be good for water sports such as windsurfing and sailing. It is thus filled with international tourists in high season. Drive up to the three-way intersection, and turn right into Highway 4025. About 4 kilometers further you will find the intersection leading to Surin Beach. Turn right and continue for about 500 meters to the beach, a pleasant rest-place, with several restaurants offering a la carte service on the beach.
Getting out of Surin Beach, turn right into Highway 4025 and continue southwards for about 2 kilometers. Turn at a small sideway to the right towards Kamala Beach. The northern part is good for swimmers and sunbathers. The southern part close to a fishing village is full of rocks and mud. From Kamala Beach. take Highway 4233, passing the local police station, Phuket Fantasea can be seen on the left Spectacular dinner shows are staged here in the evening. From here, the road runs along the seacoast to the right, climbing up and down the hills. Special precaution should be taken, as the traffic could be heavy. especially with foreign tourists out in force on rented jeeps and motorcycles.

Entering Patong Beach, colorful beach umbrella forms a long row as far as the eyes can see. Patong is recognized as the most beautiful beach in Phuket, frequented by a large number of tourists each year. On the left, opposite to the beach are luxurious hotels, souvenir shops, restaurants and dive shops. Nightlife here is as colorful as that in Pattaya.
The next stretch of Highway 4233 is a downhill road, about 3.5 kilometers. Then turn into West Patak Road, running along the beach into Karon Beach, with a long sand dune separating the sea from the road. The purple morning glory flowers cover the sand dune. A wooden bridge leads down to the beach. Nearby is Kata Beach, with the Club Med signboard as the indicator. The beach rs pleasant as gentle slopes edged by screwpine groves and pine trees. On the same route, about 5 kilometers further is a strategic lookout spot for the three bays, Kata Noi, Kata, and Karon.
Now, use Sai Yuan Road which takes you to Highway 4024. Take the right turn and continue for about 2 kilometers to reach the Shell Museum, with a large collection of a seashell, categorized and arranged in an interesting manner.
Before sunset, take Highway 4024, passing Rawai and Naihan Beaches and turn on Highway 4233. About 650 meters ahead is the parking lot of Phromthep Point, the ultimate spot to watch the sunset in Thailand. Take the steps to seek the best lookout spot for yourself. The view here is superb, with Ko Kaeo Noi and Ko Kaeo Yai to the front, and unimpeded horizon over the open sea. To the left is Naiyang Beach and to the right Nai Han Beach and Man Island.
An overnight in the town is recommended. to save time for the trip back on the next day. Turn back on Highway 4024, passing Chalong Intersection towards Chatong Bay and turn right into Soi Pa Lai to Phran Thalae Restaurant for a wholesome seafood dinner, before traveling on Highway 4024 and 4021 into the town, with hotels of different types and rates to choose from.
Early in the morning, you should not miss a favorite breakfast of Phuket, delicious rice noodle at Khwan Shop, in front of Merlin Hotel on Thung Kha Road. Gravy to take with the rice noodle comes in diverse taste, with ample fresh vegetables and tidbits, including sliced Phuket pineapple. Thereafter, take a stroll to observe the Sino-Portuguese architecture, the pride of Phuket. The concentration of line buildings is on Thaland, Krabi, Dibuk, and Yaowarat Roads.

Leaving the town of Phuket. take'” Highway 402 heading north. About 1 2 kilometers ahead is the monument o f the two heroines of Phuket, Thao Thep Krasatri and Thao Si Sunthon, the hallmark of Phuket. Keep straight to Thalang Intersection. and turn right. About 3 kilometers ahead is Ton Sai Waterfall, a medium waterfall in a pleasant surrounding. Keep on Highway 402, passing Thalang District Office for about 200 meters, turn right into Wat Phra Thong, where the legendary Phra Thong or Phra Phut is enshrined. The Buddha emerged from the ground, with only half of the body seen. A local museum in the temple houses old time tools and household items. From here, return to Highway 402 and make a stop at Ban Sapam for famous souvenirs of Phuket at Mae Chu Shop to the right, before crossing Thep Kasatri Bridge to return to Bangkok, lu!ly refreshed and satisfied with the tour around Phuket Island, the Pearl of the Andaman.

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