Skirting the Eastern Seaboard Rayong

| March 15, 2016

The route is mainly based on Highway No. 3 (Sukhumvit), about 110 kilometers from Rayong to Chanthaburi, and a further 70 kilometers to Trat, broad and divided highway throughout. The 2-lane sideways into various tourist attractions are asphalt roads in good condition. Precaution should be taken, however, as most vehicles use high speed, and the area is full of heavy duty vehicles including moving vans for containers, trucks and lorries with trailers. Start off from Rayong “The City of Tropical Fruits”, which, in May offers an array of delights such as durian the king of tropical fruits, rambutan, dugu or long-gong, mango, langsat, and salacca. Follow Highway No.3 eastwards for about 19 kilometers to Ban Phae Port, or take a right turn at kilometer 238 on the beachfront road, also leading to Ban Phe Port. Ban Phe is a busy fishing community and a large seafood and shell-craft market. Most importantly, it is the port to “Koh Samet“, the most famous island off Rayong. Cars can be parked under care at Ban Phae Port as no ferry service is available. The passenger boat to the island leaves every hour, taking about half an hour. On Koh Samet, small buses shuttle visitors to various beaches lining the island from north to south. Motorcycles are also available for rent.

Koh Samet is part of the Khao Laem Ya – Samet Islands National Park. The name Samet came from the milkwood tree grown in abundance on the island, with its white flowers coming out en masse in winter. The west side of the island is mountainous, lined with rock cliffs and gravel fields. Only Phrao Bay is fringed by a sand beach. There are a few small tourist resorts in the area. In contrast. the north and east sides of the island are lined with close to 20 well – sheltered bays interspersed with sand beaches and have emerged favored spots for tourists, especially Hat Hin Khao – the Gem Beach, with line white sand high in silica content, lively with activities in the sea and on the beach. Vacationers seeking tranquil places opt lor bays such as Ao Phai, Ao Thapthim, Ao Nuan, Ao Cho, Ao Thian and Ao Wai. Further south is quieter. Ao Lung Dam is famous as the perfect lookout for sunrise on Koh Samet. Also, Ao Kieo Na Nok and Ao Pakarang on the southern tip of the island are filled with line white sand, with dive site to observe shallow water corals. Boat and diving gears can be rented from all resorts. At lease, 2 days and 2 nights should be spent on Koh Samet.
Coming back to Ban Phe, enjoy fresh seafood in beachfront shops and drive eastwards on beach road No.3145 for about 1-2 kilometers to the “Pine Tree Canopy” of Phae Botanical Garden( Pine Garden), with pine trees grown thickly on both sides of the road. Keep on the same road through a series of beaches, up to “Laem Mae Phim”-Mae Phim Point. about 20 kilometers from Ban Phe. Take the left turn and continue along Highway 3161 (Kiaeng-Laem Mae Phim) for about 5 kilometers to find the “Memorial to Sunthon Bhu” on the right. The famous son of Klaeng District is a beloved poet of the people and honored as a great personality of the world by UNESCO. Figures from his laney story in the poem are put up in the park, with souvenirs on sale.
If not in a hurry, take some time to visit “Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park” in Klaeng District first. From the Memorial to Sunthon Bhu, go north for about 6 kilometers and turn right into Highway No.3(Sukhumvit) again. Continue up to kilometer 274 and turn left at Tala! Khao Din Intersection into Highway 3377. The park office lies about 17 kilometers further. The park is the last remaining pristine forest of Aayong, rich in wildlife. Major attractions are Khao Chamao Waterfalls, a major cascade with pool inhabited by brood carps, and Tham Khao Wong, a limestone cave system with as many as 16 chambers to visit, with guides and torchlight.

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