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| March 15, 2016

To reach Koh Chang, use Highway 3148 and continue for 17 kilometers to Laem Ngop Port, with delicious seafood offered in restaurants such as Laem Ngop Seafood, Kung Luang, Rim Saphan, and Rim Thalae. If you wish to cross to Koh Chang, take Highway 3156 westwards from Laem Ngop. There are 2 ferry terminals, Koh Chang Ferry (3 kilometers from Laem Ngop) and Ferry Koh Chang, about 15 kilometers from Laem Ngop. The ship leaves every hour during 07.00 -19.00 hours, taking about one hour to reach Koh Chang.
Koh Chang is the largest island in the Gulf of Thailand, with more than 47 isles as satellites, under the jurisdiction of Koh Chang Islands National Park. Koh Chang is covered with tropical evergreen forest, with Salak Phet Top, 744 meters high, as the highest peak. The west side is lined with splendid beaches, including Hat Khlong Phrao, Hat Sai Khao, and Hat Kai Bae. To the south, there are Hat Bang Bao and Ao Salak Phet. A 2-lane road around the island is almost completed with some stretches over a steep hill. The road starts in the north of the island and divides into the East Road and the West Road.

The East Road is over flat land, through communitie sand plantations to Than Mayom National Park, with the trail to Than Mayom Waterfall, The West Road is a mountain road, over steep Khao Chom Prasat and down to Hat Sai Khao, Lame Chaiyachet, Khlong Phlu Waterfall, Hat Khlong Phrao, Hat Kai Bae and Hat Khlong Kloi.
The visit to Koh Chang is best made during December to May, outside the monsoon season. From Koh Chang, further boat trips can be taken to dive sites and to other islands such as Koh Laoya, Koh Wai, Koh Mak, Koh Rang, Koh Thong Lang, and Koh Yak. And from Ao Cho boat landing in Trat Province, boat service is available to Koh Kut the easternmost island in the Gulf of Thailand. And from Trat, one can take Highway 318 to Khlong Yai and Ban Hat Lek, at the Thai-Cambodian border, or cross into Cambodia with a border pass.

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