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| March 15, 2016

Starting off from the nearest site to Bangkok, at Ko Kret, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province, the production site of distinctive Man earthenware, drive to Pak Kret 5 way intersection and follow the direction to Nonthaburi Boat Landing. A signboard on the left points the way to Ko Kret. Turn left to Wat Sanam Nuea boat landing, opposite to Ko Kret, to take a shuttle boat to Wat Poramai Yikawat, with a leaning white pagoda on the waterfront, regarded as a symbol of Ko Kret.
On Ko Kret, you will find a narrow cement path linking all places throughout the island. Ko Kret is occupied by Man and ancient Thai communities, with the former more prominent in terms of architecture, obvious in several waterfront temples. There also exist earthenware villages producing Man-style objects with elaborate decorative patterns. On both sides of the cement path, one finds stalls selling Mon earthenware, distinctive with the lids of the containers which are fashioned as pointed cones. Apart from the shop and stall a major site to observed genuine Mon earthenware from the past is the Kwan-a-Mahn Folk Earthenware Museum not far from the boat landing of Wat Poramai Yikawat. An area of potter’s workshop is located at Village 6 between Wat Phai Lorn and Wat Sao Tong Thong, where the shaping of objects on potters wheels is demonstrated, with diverse objects on sale.
Crossing back from Ko Kret, head for Bang Sai Folk Arts and Craft Center in Ayutthaya. The most convenient way is the Pak Kret – Bang Pa-In Expressway from Chaeng Watthana entrance to Highway 3214 exit, around Thammasat Sports Center. Then take a left turn onto Highway 347 and turn left onto Highway 3309 leading to the Bang Sai Folk Arts and Craft Center on the bank of the Chao Phraya River. The spacious center is beautifully landscaped, as model Thai villages of the four regions, built around a large pond. Space under the highly elevated houses is used for the demonstration of crafts, such as cloth weaving, basketry, woodcarving, and doll making. Stalls selling the products can be found in the same area, with local dishes of various regions on offer.

From Bang Sai Arts and Craft Center, turn back on the same route along Highway 3309 and turn left onto Highway 347, continue up to Worachet Intersection and then turn right on Highway 3263. You can stop for a sumptuous meal by the Chao Phraya River. by turning left towards Wat Kasatrathirat, the location of Ban Watcharachai Restaurant. Not to be missed is snakehead fish bake in straw enjoy with the full view of the golden pagoda of Si Suriyothai on the opposite side.
Thereafter turn back on the same route and turn left into Highway 3263 crossing the bridge over Chao Phraya River into the city island of Ayutthaya from the west. Coming down from the bridge, turn left along U-Thong Road. which rings around the city island. Our first stop is at the production site of woven barb with a palm leaf. some distance after passing Khun Eed’s Grilled Chicken Shop on the left. Traditional hangings of woven barb are available in all sizes and prices.
Next, continue on the U Thong Road, with the Chao Phraya River on the left. Passing Pridi Banomyong Monument, get prepared to turn left into Highway 309, towards a bridge over the Chao Phraya River to cross into Pa Mok District Ang Thong Province, another destination on the Thai craft route.
Before reaching Pa Mok District, turn left at the signboard to Wat Tha Sutthawat. About 1 kilometer further you will find a 3-way intersection. Turn right and continue for about 200 meters to reach Wat Tha Sutthawat on the left. Here is the production site of the tiny clay dolls. known as the palace dolls. They are arranged as tableaus, representing Thai lifestyle and culture, such as the harvesting scene, popular as collectors’ items.
Once at Wat Tha Sutthawat, take the time to admire the mural executed by none other than Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, in the prayer hall, to the right of the presiding Buddha. Next, turn back to Highway 309 and head for Pa Mok District. Passing the district, turn left at the intersection of Highway 329 and continue for about 2 kilometers.Take a left turn into Ban Ekarat, the drum-making village, about 200 meters away.On both sides of the 1-kilometer stretch are drum-makers’ houses, producing temple drums, long drums, and tablas for real use. In later days, miniature drums are produced as souvenirs for viSitors. The process of drum-making can also be observed at the back of the stores.

Coming out of the drum-making village, turn right on Highway 329 and continue to the intersection. Take the left turn on Highway 309 and go straight towards Muang District. Reaching Wat Thong Khung on the left, opposite to Ang Thong Kindergarten School, stop to sample Wat Thong Khung Phat Thai, an ancient recipe, using fresh rice noodles, larger in size than normally seen. They are fried with dried shrimps, shredded salted Chinese radish. dried chili and egg and seasoned, a delightful local dish not to be missed. Next, continue on Highway 309 for about 1 kilometer from Wat Thong Khung to an intersection. Turn left and go up the bridge across the Chao Phraya River, and continue on Highway 3064 heading towards Pho Thong District.
Before reaching Pho Thong District, take a side way into Highway 3454. Passing Wat Ban Sang on the right for about 15 kilometers, turn right at the sign-board with the direction to Wat Yang Thong. About 1 kilometer further, you reach Bang Chao Cha, an ancient village on the Noi River, in existence since the Ayutthaya Period. Residents are known for their basketry skills. In the village, there is a basketry museum showing fine crafts from the past to the present, as baskets, fishing tools, and other household items. Moreover, a center of basketry products has been put up in the village.
Bang Chao Cha Village is also an agro-tourism site. Residents who keep fruit plantations have set up a tour program. You can park your car and hire a bicycle or take a ride on the modified field tractor of the people to tour the fruit plantations and even enjoy a. home-stay service in the village.

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