The Magical Route of Krabi

| March 3, 2016

From Bangkok, the most convenient route to take to Krabi is Highway No.4, to Chumphon, and then Highway 41 up to Phun Phin Intersection, Sural Thani. Turn right onto Highway 401 and proceed up to Phang Kuan Nuea Intersection, where you take the left turn into Highway 415. Continue to the Highway No.4 intersection, and take the left turn towards Ao Luek District, Krabi Province.
We shall tour around the seaside areas first, before visiting sites on shore. On the first day, you are recommended to start from Ao Luek District on Highway No.4 southwards, and turn into Highway 4200, skirting Krabi town area, followed by Highway 4034. The route is scenic, winding through the narrow gorge buffeted by steep hills and lush palm plantations. After passing Ban Sai Thai, turn left on Highway 4204 and proceed all the way, about 20 kilometers, to reach 40 Million Years Shell Cemetery, with fresh water shell fossil forming a thick slab, resembling a concrete structure by the sea. Examining at close range, tiny shells can be seen. The most distinctive and convenient site is in front of the Tourist Information Center.
From the shell cemetery, take Highway 4203, with a lush green hill on the left. About 9 kilometers further, the wide road crosses with a side road which separates the beach from shop houses. Concrete barriers are placed between the beach and the road. Turning right into the beachfront road, you will find a boardwalk on the left, with benches at intervals along the 2 kilometers distance of Ao Nang Beach. The beach slopes down to the sea, about 2 meters away, lined with long-tail boats shuttling tourists from Ao Nang to Ao Rai Lae, the dream location for rock climbers.

Ao Rai Lay is part of Krabi”s coastal area, inaccessible by road, with huge rock mountain as barrier. The trip by a long-tail boat takes just 15 minutes. The perfectly-curved bay is picturesque with a pristine beach of fine white sand, fringed by clear blue sea, favored by swimmers and sunbathers. Tham Phra Nang limestone cave is in a walking distance. Over 400 trails have been marked on the cliff for rock climbers who come from all over the world. Other activities include kayaking and scuba diving.
From Ao Rai Lae, you can charter a long-tail boat to visit Ko Poda, Ko Kai, and Thale Waek, the Unseen Thailand sites with ease. Normally, you are taken to Ko Kai, the isle bearing a resemblance to a rooster’s head first, and next to Thalae Waek- the Divided Sea. with the sand bank joining two islands seen clearly at low tide, and Ko Po Da. with long sand beach perfect for sunbathing. With more time to spare, a further trip to Ko Hong can be made, where the land surrounds the sea like a chamber, with a small opening for boats to pass through. A large shoal of fish can be found. Boat conductors usually prepare bread for tourists to feed the fish there as a highlight of the trip.

Crossing back to Ao Nang, keep on the beachfront road for 4 kilometers and you reach Noppharat Thara Beach, tinged with pine tree groves and numerous seafood restaurants serving delicious dishes at reasonable prices. A favorite among tourists is parboiled conch shell with spicy dip.
For those wishing to stay overnight in the fascinating environment near Ao Nang area, an Unseen Paradise site, The Cliff Resort is recommended. From the beachfront road. turn left on Highway 4203 and continue for about 2 kilometers. The resort can be seen on the right. Otherwise, use Highway 4202 from Noppharat Thara Beach up to Ban Chong Phli and turn right into Highway 4034, passing Ban Sai Thai until it runs into Highway 4200.Turn right into the town of Krabi. The entire distance from Ao Nang to the town is about 20 kilometers. A 5-star hotel in Muang District is Krabi Maritime, with the spectacular view of Khao Khanap Nam, a green mountain in the neighborhood. Low·cost guesthouses abound in the Chao Fa Pier area.
The next day can be dedicated to touring on land. From the town, take Uttrakit Road along the Krabi River and Khao Khanap Nam, the symbol of Krabi. At the old market intersection, turn right into Highway No.4. About 1 kilometer after passing the Physical Education College, turn left at the intersection into Ratsadon Phatthana Road. About 2 kilometers further Wat Tham Suea is reached. The cave temple is in a beautiful natural surrounding, with a vantage point for a panoramic view of Krabi on top of Khao Kaeo, where a model footprint of the Lord Buddha is enshrined, with small caves in the area to explore.
Next, turn back to the intersection-and turn left into Highway No.4. Passing Krabi Airport, you reach Nuea Khlong Market. Take the left turn beside Krung Thai Bank, to sample delicious rice noodle and fried chicken at Ko Choi’s, before traveling further on Highway No.4 for about 25 kilometers to Khlong Thom District. Driving past the district office and continue for 1 kilometer to Wat Khlong Thom Museum, showing objects found in the area known as the bead dune, including bead necklaces, metal coins and pieces of ceramics.
Getting out of the museum, turn right and continue past Khtong Thom police station. Turn right into Khlong Thom-Thap Sai road. About 7.5 kilometers ahead, turn right and continue for 2 kilometers, to the car park of the Hot Waterfall. A trek of 300 meters leads to a 3-tier waterfall, with warm water in the pool, an Unseen Thailand attraction not to be missed.
Next, turn back to the intersection and take the right turn. Continue for about 12 kilometers and turn left into the car park of Khao Pra-Bang Khram Wildlife Reserve Thung Tiao Forest), the last remaining habitat of Gurney’s pitta. A 2.7-kilometer nature study trail ends at Sa Moorakot the Emerald Pond. If short on time, take a walk for 800 meters from the car park to see Sa Morakot, the pond with crystal clear water reflecting deep green vegetation down below.

From here, turn back to the same route and continue up to the intersection, where you take the right turn into Highway No.4 going towards Muang District. about 40 kilometers before reaching Muang District, head for Ao Luek District, continuing on Highway No.4, about 48 kilometers from the town. Reaching Ao Luek District, a sideway to the left leads towards the district office. At Ao Luek District police station, turn left at the intersection of Highway 4039. At kilometer 12, turn right at the intersection and continue for 1.5 kilometers. Take the left turn to Bo Tho Boat Landing, about 500 meters away. This is the embarkation point for long-tail boats to Tham Lot and Tham Phi Hua To. Tham Lot is a natural tunnel, about 150 meters long, passable by boat. Tham Phi Hua To features prehistoric cave paintings in color, as hands, human figures and animals, aged about 2,000 – 3,000 years.
Thereafter, turn back on the same route up to the intersection with Highway 4039, turn left past Ao Luek District Office, a side way on the right leads to Than Bok Khorani, a green pond in the middle of a rich forest, similar to Sa Morakot. From here turn right into Highway 4039 which runs into Highway No.4, Turn left on the highway towards Thap Put District, Phang-Nga Province, and head back to Bangkok.

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