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| March 10, 2016

The drive from Songkhla to Satun is ideal for naturalists. They are afforded the chance to experience not only lush evergreen forests of the South. but also pristine Tarutao Islands in the remotest waters of the country bordering Malaysia. Visitors from Bangkok can save travel time by flying to Hat Yai. Songkhla. and rent 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicles to start the tour from Hat Yai to Rattaphum in Songkhla and cross to Khuan Kalong and Khuan Don of Satun. with an overnight stay in Satun. before going to La-Ngu District on the next day for a sea tour. To fully enjoy the trip. at least 4 days and 3 nights should be spared The trip is divided into the land tour with 3 destinations. Ton Nga Chang Waterfall. Thale Ban National Park. and Tham Chet Khot. and sea tour focusing on Tarutao Islands. The car tour is convenient. as roads are asphalted and in good condition throughout. Mountain road at the seams between Songkhla and Satun is not rough while the roads in Satun are on flat land.
Start off from the town of Hat Yai, head west on Highway No.4 {Asian Highway), commonly known as old route, Hat Yai-Rattaphum, for 26 kilometers, Next, continue southwards along Highway 406 into Satun Province, through Khuan Kalong and Khuan Don Districts. At the crossing into Wang Prachan Sub-District, turn left along Highway 4148 (at the Thai – Malaysian border) for 20 kilometers, to the “Thale Ban National Park“, the second tour destination on this route.
Although “Thale” means “sea”, “Thale Ban” is not part of the sea, but a large water source in the valley and dense jungle, surrounded by Chin and Wang Pra mountain ranges. Its wonder lies in the formation of the water source, from underground limestone cave which caved in and became a vast marsh of over 50 acres. In the enclosure rare water plants and mammals have been found, one of which is known as “water dog”, a kind of marsh frog is known as “Khiat Wak” with barking noise echoing in the valley at night.

From the national park office, visitors can tour around the marsh on a wooden bridge built for the purpose. There is also a nature study trail through the wooded area. If luck is on your side, whiskered treeswift, a rare bird of the South can be spotted. Other attractions include Puyu Cave, a limestone river tunnel through which small boats can pass in the same manner as the sea cave in Phang-Nga Bay National Park. Wondrous stalactite and stalagmite are found inside. The Thalae Ban National Park offer waterfront accommodations and camping site, with food services provided. The best time to visit the park is during February to May, with fewer rainfalls.
Another natural wonder is at Tham Chet Khot, the Cave of Seven Bends, at Manang Sub-District. Turn back to Highway 406 and take a right turn onto Highway 416. At the next crossing, turn right into Highway 4137, heading for Khuan Kalong District. Aside way to the left leads to Manang Sub-District, and over to the cave. altogether about 50 kilometers in distance. The cave is another river tunnel, with 7 bends inside. Kayak or canoe are used to tour the cave, with the help of torchlight or spotlight. The tunnel is 500 meters in length, opening out on the other side of the hill, with sand dune and lush forests. The best time to visit the cave is during May to October. Check the weather and water level with tour agents first.
Turn back to Highway 418 and Highway 406 to get into Satun, a distance of about 45 kilometers. Good accommodations can be found in the city, such as Pinnacle Wang Mai Hotel, Sin Kiat Thani Hotel, Satun Thani Hotel, and Bubble Guesthouse. Two major architectures to be seen in the city are Satun Central Mosque (only the exterior) on Buri Wanit Road and Kuden Mansion on Satun Thani Road. Delicacies not to be missed are fish and prawn crackers from Che Silang Fishing Village, available anywhere in the city.

The next morning, leave the town and head west along Highway 406 to Ban Chalung, and turn left on Highway 416, passing La-Ngu District, and turn south on Highway 4052 to “Pak Bara Port“, where car can be left under care as you board the morning boat to “Tarutao Island” presently one of the most popular marine national parks in Thailand. There are motor boats and speed boats to select from. The motor boat takes about 2 hours to Tarutao. Lipe and Adang Islands, a distance of 22 kilometers. A speed boat takes less than one hour to cover the distance. The best time to visit the islands is December to April, outside the monsoon season.
Tarutao Islands National Park is in the southernmost waters of Thailand, bordering Malaysia. It was the 8th national park and the first marine national park of Thailand established in 1974. The park has been honored as an ASEAN Heritage Parks and Reserve by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO. There are 51 islands in the group, including Tarutao, Adang, Rawi, Lipe, Khai, Klang, Dong, and Hin Ngam. The sea tour should take at least 3 days and 2 nights, with overnight stays on Tarutao, Adang, and Lipe Island from where boats can be hired to various islands. Activities include diving, scuba diving, kayaking and boat tours through splendid islands and rich island forests, especially on Rawi Island.

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Tarutao is where the park office is located at Phante Malacca Bay, comprising a port, bungalows, camping site, and restaurants. The former penal colony and marauders stronghold has emerged top tourist resort in pristine nature. Next to it is Khai Island, with the most beautiful natural stone bridge in the Andaman. On a clear day, a long-tailed boat can be hired to visit Hin Ngam Island, a tiny island full of well-rounded rocks deposited on its beach. At Chabang Rock, soft corals of bright colors are in abundant, perfect for scuba diving. Rawi Island is resplendent with fine white sand beach and rich in corals. Lipe Island features large resorts and bungalows on the beach while the pine-grove point to the north is perfect for camping. Also, the sea tribe community can be found here. Not far away is Adang Island which is peaceful, with abundant coral reefs. Visitors prefer camping out at Laem Son Beach and walk up to Chado Cliff, for a panoramic view of the flat island stretching out in the deep blue sea. The last point is Kong Hin Son, a pile of rocks at Dong Island, the best lookout for sunset over the Andaman in Thailand.

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