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| March 15, 2016

The Central Plain is the rice basket of the country. fertile and wholesome with nature and folk culture. and has emerged as the site of major tourist attractions near Bangkok. The route around 3 major provinces. Nakhon Nayok. Prachin Buri and Chachoengsao. is ideal for a family vacation. convenient but resplendent with diverse attractions. Nakhon Nayok is famous for waterfalls and natural features favored by adventure seekers. Prachin Buri is mysterious with forests and rolling hills. and several fine stone sanctuaries along its eastern border with Cambodia. while Chachoengsao lies in the Bang Pakong River Basin close to the sea. with Luangpho Sothon. a revered Buddha image as the focal point. The route is a freeway of concrete and asphalt roads throughout. comfortably traveled the whole year round. not necessarily with 4-wheel drive vehicles. as only moderate gradient roads are found in the hilly areas. The distance is not too great and the trip enjoyable. Make sure. however. to have your car checked and tuned up for the trip.
Starting from Bangkok on Highway 305(Rangsit-Ongkharak-Nakhon Nayok) for about 105 kilometers, you can reach Nakhon Nayok in just one and a half hours. The stretch is convenient with 4-lane roads. Traffic can be heavy on weekends and holidays as it is popular with holiday-makers who also tend to speed up. The cityscape gradually disappears after passing Don Muang, replaced by green areas, especially water-based lifestyle around Rangsit Canal system. There are also several attractions along the way, such as the Science Museum Canal 5, just a few kilometers from the main road, and the Flower Market Canal 15.
Highway 305 takes you through Thanyaburi and Ongkharak Districts to the city of Nakhon Nayok, a perfect place to take a rest and sample delicacies, especially spicy fermented fish dip and snakehead fish stuff with lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves and grilled with salt. Those who prefer grilled chicken are recommended to make a stop at Oshin Pia Phao, opposite Toyota Center in Tha Chang Sub-District, or Kai Yang Sam Rot on Chonprathan Tha Hup Road. Nakhon Nayok is also famous for tropical fruits, pomelo from June to October, custard apple from June to July, and garcina from January to February. They are put on sale in abundance on the way to Sarika Waterfall.
Before embarking on the tour of the waterfalls, spare some time to visit Dong Lakhon Ancient City, a major city from the Dvaravati Period, to the south of the city. Use Highway 305 up to Dong Lakhon Intersection and turn left into Highway 3076.Continue for about 7 kilometers to a small crossing, and turn right up to a three-way intersection. Take a right turn and 100 meters later another right turn into Tha Hup-Dong Lakhon Road, a narrow road along fruit orchards. Follow the road for about 2.5 kilometers to Wat Dong lakhon, with a sideway to the left leading to the ancient city to the north, with a gravel road of about 1 kilometer to the car park. Dong Lakhon Ancient City can be viewed on foot or on hired bikes. The city is in an oval shape, surrounded by moats, assumed to be a trading post in the prehistoric time. There are Site No.1, Site No. 2, the Heavenly Well, and an exhibit of artifacts.

Dong Lakhon Ancient City Nakhon Nayok Thailand

The major natural attraction near the city is Nakhon Nayok Group of Waterfalls, comprising Wang Takhrai, Sarika, and Nang Rong Waterfalls. From Silathong Junction in the city, follow the 2-lane Highway 3049 up to kilometer 16 before reaching the bridge over Wang Takhrai Canal, you will see the side way on the left, with a signboard pointing the way to Wang Takhrai Park, a delightful arboretum on an area of over 240 acres. Ufe-savers are on hire near the car park for those who wish to drift along Wang Takhrai current. The popular site for a dip is on the 4th level. There are picnic sites and accommodations in the area, with food services.
From Wang Takhrai Waterfall, continue to Sarika Waterfall on Highway 3049 and turn left into Highway 3050, for about 3 kilometers. The Sarika Waterfall is within Kho Yai National Park, and thus surrounded by rich dry dipterocarp forest. The waterfall is in 9 tiers, accessible up to 4th level. The waterfall is wholesome during the rainy season from June to October. The first level with well-shaded shallow pool is perfect for swimmers. The 3th level is the finest, with the sight of the torrent cascading down a high cliff of 30 meters. The 4th level can be hazardous to reach by trekking along the cliff. There are accommodations and food services.
The final site is Nang Rong Waterfall, which grew in popularity alongside Sarika Waterfall. Follow Highway 3049, passing the entrance into Sarika Waterfall and Ban Dong Community Market to the car park, and trek along a trail of just 500 meters to the waterfall. This major cascade can turn violent during the rainy season from June to October. The beautiful sight of the waterfall can be observed from the bridge over the stream near the car park. Visitors prefer taking a dip in the pool at the right turn before entering the waterfall, where the current is not too strong. There are food shops and souvenir kiosks, but no accommodations.

Leaving Nakhon Nayok, drive through Pak Phli District on Highway 319 to Prachin Buri Province. Take another rest and enjoy dishes based on young bamboo shoots and snapper, followed by a local sweetmeat as soft green crepe, filled with ground bean, coconut flesh, salt, and sugar. Prachin Buri encompasses Khao Yai and also features cultural attractions such as Wat Kaeo Phichit, Chao Phraya Abhai Bhubet Building, Phan Hin Shrine, Wat Ton Pho Si Maha Pho, Si Mahosot Ancient City and Sa Morakot archeological site. These sites are all linked and can be conveniently visited in one trip. Wat Kaeo Phichit was modeled after the temple of the King of White Elephant in Cambodia, in Thai, Chinese and Cambodian architectural styles. It is on the Bang Pakong River, reached through the Kaeo Phichit Road from the intersection in the city. The temple is on the right at the end of the road.
From the city, use Highway 3069 along the Bang Pakong River for about 2.5 kilometers to Chao Phraya Abhai Bhubet Hospital, on the right. The hospital has become famous as the center of herbal and traditional medicine, with a traditional Thai massage service provided during 08.00· 16.30 hours every day. Herbal products are also manufactured and sold. The highlight is Chao Phraya Abhai Bhubet Building, a two-story building in European style, with fine cement and woodcarvingsas decorations.
Driving further south along Highway 3069 to Si Maha Pho District, followed by Highway 3070 passing Wat Nopphakhun Thong to the intersection and turn left, going for about 100 meters to another intersection. Turn left again and continue for 600 meters to Phan Hin Shrine, a remnant of a major Khmer stone sanctuary. Only the base of a five-top stupa in laterite remains to be seen today. The excavation turned up the lefl arm of God Narai holding a conch shell, carved from sandstone. Nest use Highway 3070 towards Si Mahosot District to the southwest, to visit 3 major archeological sites, Wat Ton Pho Si Mahaphot, Si Mahosot Ancient City complex, and Sa Morakot.
Finally, turn to Highway 319 and 304 (Chachoengsao – Kabin Buri). 23 kilometers before reaching Chachoengsao, turn right into Highway 3121, passing Bang Khla District for about 6 kilometers, and turn left after passing King Taksin Shrine, going for about 500 meters to Wat Pho Bang Khla , where the large bat, known as the Flying Fox can be observed. You can also board the boat at the Mae Nam food garden of Bang Khla District to observe the lifestyle of the people on Ko Lat and take a stop at Wat Pho Bang Khla to observe the bats in their habitat. And take a stop at the important temple of Luang Pho Buddha Sothon on the Bang Pakong River. The Buddha is in Lan Chang style in meditation posture, measuring 1.65 meters at the lap, 1.48 meters in height, open to worshippers during 07.00-16.15 hours on weekdays, and 07.00-17.00 hours on weekends and public holidays.

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