The Route Around Kanchanaburi Thailand

| February 29, 2016

Take Highway 324 passing Phanom Thuan District, Kanchanaburi Province up to Ban Nong Khao in Tha Muang District. Take some time to select Hundred-Colored Loincloth, the top craft of the locality, available on both sides of the road around Wat lntharam. Highway 324 ends at the crossing.
Take the right turn into Highway 323 (Saeng Chuto Road) A short distance from Saeng Chuto Hospital to the left is The Allied Soldiers Cemetery or Don Aak Cemetery, beautifully landscaped, best viewed in late afternoon light.
Thereafter, follow Saeng Chuto Road for about 3 kilometers and turn left into Kwai Yai Road, up to the intersection. Turn left to find a parking space and spend some time on the Bridge Over the River Kwai to the right. At the foot of the bridge, a diesel locomotive in use at the time of the bridge construction is displayed.
A walk on the bridge can be taken. Thereafter, turn back on the same route up to the crossing with Highway 323. Take the right turn and continue past Muang District to Tha Muang District.
Stalls selling souvenirs can be found along the way. Famous delicacies include typical Thai sweetmeat such as jelly topped with coconut cream.

At kilometer 110, you will find a crossing of Tha Rua Market. Take the left turn into Highway 3081 over the Mae Klang River and continue for 10 kilometers to Wat Phra Thaen Dong Rang to the left. A large stone seat is the main object of worship in the temple, with a woodcarving of the lord Buddha’s Footprint.
Turning back along Highway 3081, continue up to the Tha Rua Market crossing and turn left into Highway 323 passing communities in Tha Maka District. At kilometer 92, turn right into Soi Wat Dong Sak. About 500 meters ahead is Phong Tuek and Wat Dong Sak Archeological Site where the remnants of laterite shrines of the Dvaravati Period can be viewed.
Artifacts found in the excavation are partly kept at Wat Dong Sak temple hall, including figurines, earthenware beads, jade and bronze lamps. One of the most interesting objects is a figure of God Narai crafted from stone.

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